Cancertame Private Limited always abides by rules & regulations set by the Government of India or any other Government body in any country, in which we operate. It was bought to our notice that as per the Rule 170 of the Drug and Cosmetics Rule it is prohibited to have reference to any government or autonomous organisation of the government on our website & marketing material. We have taken the necessary steps and removed all such mentions from our website and will be making sure to remove such mentions from our social media platforms too.

We have also bifurcated our website to make sure that our users in India are redirected to our Indian website ( & our International Customers are redirected to our International Website ( We will be publishing complete details of this change in the coming future. 

We have also made several other changes to our website for the better understanding of our product to the consumers, in accordance with the Rules & Regulations set by the Indian Government. We always welcome the input of our users & of the concerned authority when it comes to serving our consumers in a better way, while complying with all the rules and regulations.

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