This section shows all the certifications that our product (Cancertame Ayurvedic Formulation), our company (Cancertame Private Limited) or our manufacturer (Sanjivan Anusandhan Private Limited) has in regards to the quality & production of Cancertame Ayurvedic Formulation. Please note that as per the Rule 170 of the Drug and Cosmetics Rule it is prohibited to have reference to any government or autonomous organisation of the government on our website & marketing material, so certain certificates cannot be shown and have been left out of this section. You can view each certificate by clicking the "View Certificate" button. Please note that certain parts of the certificate might be blurred out due to the confidentiality of the said certificate.

ISO certification ensures that quality standards are met so that each capsule of Cancertame Ayurvedic Formulation has equal efficacy

GMP certification ensures that Cancertame is manufactured in safe and correct conditions to keep our product free of any contamination

Halal certified means that Cancertame contains strictly vegetarian ingredients, including the cellulose capsules and FDA approved stabilizer

Cancertame is registered with FDA (Food & Drug Administration, U.S.A.), responsible for ensuring the safety & efficacy of medical/food products.