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Testimonials 1

Hiren Padiya

Source of Review
As a doctor I recommend Cancertame to almost all my Cancer patients. It is one of the most effective and affordable way to keep Cancer in control. I have seen Cancertame save multiple lives and help provide a good painless life to even more people. My only request is for their Research centre to make it more popular and widely available. A medicine like this should be made available in every hospital. Cancertame might be one of the first ayurvedic cancer medicine which has a scientific backbone and still made available at this price. I have prescribed Cancertame to patients suffering from prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, Brain tumours etc and it shows it effects in almost all patients barring a few cases. Ideally I would prescribe Cancertame with chemotherapy as it works the best with it and also helps us manage the side effects of chemo!
Testimonials 2

Amoia Rokhum

Source of Review
I ordered Cancertame for my father-in-law who is in the final stage of liver cancer which has spread to his pancreas he is also unfit for normal cancer treatment i.e Chemo and Radiotherapy due to diabetes and continuous fever. He is on his second bottle of Cancertame regularly with other medication. Recent investigation has shown that the cancer has stop spreading and his diabetes level has come down significantly with very less fever. This has given us so much joy. Thanks to Cancertame and the team will continue to order Cancertame and also refer to as many people as i can. Lastly i hope and pray to Almighty God my father-in-law will spend the rest of his days doing what he loves to do and not suffering in hospital bed.Thanks to Cancertame and Team.
Testimonials 3

Pallavi Verma

Source of Review
Before taking cancertame the only question we had was, does ayurvedic medicine actually work? The answer is yes, atleast cancertame does. I have seen people take ayurvedic medicines for cancer and not get any results but cancertame changes all that and might be the first genuine ayurvedic medicine for cancer out there. After studying about it in detail, I ordered cancertame for my elder brother suffering from non hodgkin lymphoma and he has been getting better since, taking along with cisplatin chemotherapy. Doctors are happy with the results and have told us to continue taking cancertame even after the chemo ends, I am very happy and thankful to cancertame people for making this medicine, keeping it affordable and for helping my brother, thank you
Testimonials 4

Jyotsna Pathak

Source of Review
I bought cancertame almost 3 months ago for my sister suffering from stage 3 breast cancer. It was a leap of faith for all of us as we couldn’t afford chemotherapy and this was our only hope due to its affordable price. The medicine took its time but after 3 months her cancer is in regression, her CA 15-3 & CEA levels are coming down, and she is more energetic and happy than we have seen her in past few years. We want to thank cancertame team for making such a medicine and keeping the price low so everyone can buy it
Testimonials 5

Riddhi Patnayak

Source of Review
I thank you for saving my mothers life. My mother is suffering from Stage 3 breast cancer and thanks to Cancertame her disease is in regression and she is not taking any other treatment. The cost of cancertame makes it a gods gift for us and the fact that it gets delivered to our home within a few days is very good. My doctor told me to take cancertame when i told her i can't afford the cost of chemotherapy and it has provided my mother the support she needed. Her condition has improved significantly and I have told other people i meet also to take cancertame as it really helps! Please keep up the good work you are doing, I cant thank you enough for your medicine and for giving my mother good health.
Testimonials 6

Varun Kaushik

Source of Review
I never thought an ayurvedic medicine would be actually this good and work, I took cancertame along with chemotherapy after learning about it from my uncle who is a doctor. I have been taking it since about 2 months with excellent results, the reports show that disease is in regression and I also feel more energetic than ever. My doctors have high hope for me and are aiming for full cure. I just want to show my gratitude to cancertame people for providing medicine at the right cost
Testimonials 7

Ajay Solanki

Source of Review
I was a little skeptical at first but decided to give cancertame a try as it didn’t have any side effects. Cancertame was my first ayurvedic medicine and neither me or my family had any trust in ayurvedic medicines due to all the past bad experiences but cancertame is different as it actually works and is not a scam like other. SUV values for my liver cancer have come down and there are chances of regression according to my doctor which will be confirmed in the next tests. Cancertame is the first and only ayurvedic medicine which I would personally recommend.
Testimonials 8

Vijay Pathak

Source of Review
कैंसरटेम ने मेरी माँ की ज़िंदगी बचने में बहुत सहायता करि है। मेरी माँ को स्टेज 3 ब्रैस्ट कैंसर है और मेरे डॉक्टर ने उनको कैंसरटेम लेने को बोलै था कीमोथेरेपी के साथ में । आज मेरी माँ का कैंसर धीरे धीरे काबू में आ रहा है और डॉक्टर्स का मन्ना है की जल्द हे वो पूरी तरह से ठीक भी हो सकती है । मैं और मेरा पूरा परिवार आपका आभारी है कैंसरटेम बनाने के लिए और उसको हमारे घर तक पहुँचाने के लिए भी और वो भी इतनी कम कीमत में । मैं अब हर व्यक्ति को कैंसरटेम लेने को बोलता हूँ जिनसे भी मैं अस्पताल में मिलता हूँ अपनी माँ के इलाज के लिए , आप सभी का बहुत धन्यवाद
Testimonials 9

Umang Yadav

Source of Review
Bought cancertame after learning about them on facebook, effective medicine which helped my brother with 4th stage lung cancer. He is recovering well and we are sure that with the help of cancertame, he will soon be healthy. We thank you for providing medicine at right cost in today's expensive world
Testimonials 10

Bhoomi Singh

Source of Review
Doctors gave my father a month to live and told that his tumour is untreatable as it has spread to other parts and it has been almost 3 months since he has been taking Cancertame and his tumour has shrunk a little, I am thankful to our doctor for finding this medicine. Cancertame is the best medicine available for cancer and it is actually LEGIT. Definitely recommended, cant actually believe the price is only 2800
Testimonials 11

Varun Patnaik

Source of Review
Effective medicine which helped my brother in law greatly in case of 4th stage lung cancer. Right now he is taking Cancertame along with radiotherapy and his doctors are very happy as he is having minimal side effects and the effect of radiotherapy is enhanced due to cancertame. We have very high hope that he will be able to live a long and healthy life thanks to our doctors and cancertame. I highly recommend anyone suffering from lung cancer to take cancertame especially considering the price.
Testimonials 12

Abhishek Sood

Source of Review
Cancertame is a life saver and the price makes me appreciate it even more. You can track my 4 year journey with Cancertame, fighting GBM at,50737,7.htm and my cancertame review at,137939,0.htm All i can say is that the work cancertame people are doing is exceptional and appreciable. For anyone who wants to contact me can message me at, I will be happy to help and share my personal experience from past 5 years. Thank you everyone at Cancertame for enabling me to have a somewhat normal life.
Testimonials 13

Hardik Pandya

Source of Review
Very good medicine for skin cancer, took along with radiotherapy. Very good result from medicine and side effects of radiotherapy also got reduced. I wish I had found cancertame sooner bcoz the pain in chest after radiotherapy was so much but after taking cancertame I feel very less pain after radiotherapy session. I recommened cancertame for skin cancer, should take along with radiotherapy to control side effects and pain
Testimonials 14

Aparna Basu

Source of Review
Cancertame is a blessing for our family, my husband took cancertame after our doctor recommended it for prostate cancer along with radiotherapy and his gleason number has come down and he is feeling alot better. Bless you people for making such a good medicine and thank you to our doctors who recommended cancertame to us
Testimonials 15

Tushar Yadav

Source of Review
I purchased cancertame for my son who is suffering from oral cancer. He is taking the medicine along with chemotherapy and I am very happy to see him get better. We thank you for this medicine and making it available at this price so everyone can afford it.
Testimonials 16

Ankit Choudhary

Source of Review
Cancertame was recommended to me by one of my friend and it has helped my wife in her battle with cancer (GBM). Cancertame is a must for everyone fighting cancer, the price is right and the medicine actually works
Testimonials 17

Dinesh Goel

Source of Review
Effective medicine sold by professional group of people. They are ethical and the staff and management is some of the best I have ever seen. Online system is very good and my medicine reaches within 2 days
Testimonials 18

Abhijeet Mukherjee

Source of Review
Cancertame treatment is best especially for 2800 although my medicine costs more per month since I have stage 3 prostate cancer. Along with conventional treatment, cancertame works wonders and I can't recommend it enough

Sneha Sharma

Source of Review
Such a green, beautiful and peaceful place. Its a very old and rusty building but its the work that counts and they are doing charity like work by providing medicine at such affordable cost. Cancertame has helped my brother greatly and it give me hope that soon he will be fully cured

Shiv Kumar Gupta

Source of Review
Good staff, medicine, service and cost. My brother is taking cancertame for colorectal cancer, good results till now. Thank you for your medicine

R U Giri

Source of Review
Great medicine for the price, took along with chemotherapy. Works good, very affordable medicine for cancer

Venkata Raju S

Source of Review
Very effective ayurvedic cancer medicine for oral cancer, cheap and affordable. I recommend to everyone, cancertame gave me new hope

Rajiv Mishra

Source of Review
Cancertame is affordable and definitely worth the price, worked for my wife in case of breast cancer when taken along with chemo

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